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Turkey – Istanbul?

Health services are at the highest
standards in Turkey and also are almost half
the cost compared to Europe and America

Thanks to the perfect education
in the fields of medicine and dentistry, we have very successful
and world-famous doctors and dentists in Turkey.
Turkish doctors and dentists have gained a lot of case experience
with the patients from all over the world and this made it
possible to increase both the quality and service of their treatment.

The demand for dental treatment from all
over the world is increasing every year. Once Egypt, India, Hungary
were very popular in dentistry, but nowadays because of the high quality
and low price Turkish dentistry is very popular.


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Turkey is one of the leading countries
in the field of latest dental technology such as
Digital dentistry, 3D tooth production, smile design,
implantology and treatment planning.

Dental treatments are achieved in a
very short time and all the guarantees are given,
in some cases for a lifetime.

Different health models between countries,
long waiting lists for surgeries, high costs, quality of the work,
are among the important reasons for the formation
of health and dental tourism.

Easy acceptance of patients in all kinds of health
treatment without any waiting list, the ability to operate immediately
the day after the examination, low cost of the treatments,
quality the instruments and materials,
finishing treatments in very short times, and the famous
Turkish hospitality are among the most important reasons
for patients coming to Turkey.

Istanbul is only 4 hours
flying distance away from most countries and hosting millions
of medical tourists every year.


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