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Why is root canal treatment necessary?

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Root canal treatment is a method used in the treatment of infection caused by complete or partial damage to the tooth. If the living tissues in the inner part of the tooth, such as vessels, nerves, and connective tissue, become infected, symptoms such as pain, swelling, sensitivity, and caries may occur. In this case, the infected tissue must be cleaned. Thus, today, root canal treatment provides this function.

 How Does the Root Canal Treatment Process Work?

 In the root canal treatment process, the infected tissues inside the tooth are first cleaned and then sterilized. Then this area is filled and sealed. Root canal treatment prevents the loss of the tooth by preserving the natural structure of the tooth. Today, this procedure also prevents the spread of infection to other body parts.

 Root canal treatment is a treatment method recommended by dentists. When symptoms such as pain, sensitivity, and swelling occur in the tooth, it is important to consult a dentist immediately. Early diagnosis and treatment are very important in terms of preventing tooth loss.

 What Does Root Canal Treatment Do?

 Root canal treatment is a treatment method used in cases where the tissues inside the tooth are damaged and infected. Damage to these tissues can occur due to reasons such as deepening of dental caries, or fracture of the tooth after trauma, and in this case, the risk of tooth loss increases.

 Root canal treatment is used to clean, drain and sterilize these infected tissues. After this procedure, the tooth is filled and sealed. In this way, the patient’s tooth continues to be used naturally and tooth loss is prevented.

 Root canal treatment is a treatment method that should be tried before tooth extraction. In untreated teeth, an infection can progress rapidly and cause serious problems such as cysts or abscesses. Thanks to root canal treatment, this infection is prevented and tooth loss is prevented.

 When the root canal treatment process is successfully completed, the tooth can be used normally and oral health can be maintained. The coatings made on the tooth after root canal treatment also protect the aesthetics of the tooth and provide its natural appearance.

 What is the importance of root canal treatment and why should it be done?

 Today, root canal treatment is a treatment method to reduce pain and irritation caused by infection of the tissues around the tooth and tooth decay. This method is applied to clean the living tissues inside the tooth and control the infection.

 In which cases should root canal treatment be performed?

 Conditions that require root canal treatment include severe pain in the teeth, swelling around the tooth, sensitivity in the teeth, root decay, gum diseases, and injuries to the teeth. Root canal treatment offers a solution close to the protection of natural teeth by preventing tooth loss. With the procedure, the tooth is completely cleaned, helping to protect healthy tissues and preventing the spread of infections around the tooth.

 Root canal treatment provides an alternative to complete extraction of the tooth, preventing tooth loss and helping it to fulfill its functions. Today, this treatment method is important for maintaining dental health in the long term and slowing down the decay process. You can get these services from our website



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