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What is Night Plate?

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The problem of clenching and grinding teeth due to stress is a very disturbing disease. People with this disease grind their teeth audibly while sleeping at night without realising it. As a result of this grinding, unwanted dental disorders occur. Teeth clenching movement occurs involuntarily.

 For those who are uncomfortable with this clenching problem, the night plaque is the perfect fit. Night plaques can be used in the treatment of clenching discomfort. But unfortunately, it cannot completely solve the clenching problem, it only prevents the problems caused by clenching. Night plaque is also used as a mouth protector in a way. If there is such a problem, it is necessary to consult a dental clinic.

 What Does Night Plate Do?

 Dental health is very important for people. It is always useful to have it checked by a dentist at regular intervals. For a quality life, it is necessary to be examined by a dentist as soon as possible for the existing tooth clenching problem. In this process, they recommend a night plate for treatment purposes.

 After the use of the night plate, teeth clenching and grinding problems are reduced and oral and dental health is also protected. The night plate, which is given as a prescription, prevents problems caused by clenching of the teeth during the period of use. People who should use the night plate are as follows;

 People with stress-induced bruxism.

 In the treatment of headache experienced when the person wakes up.

 In the treatment of grinding and clenching problems.

 People who want to correct the teeth as a result of the teeth not lining up properly.

 In the treatment of pain in the jaw muscles.

 People whose teeth are damaged during teeth grinding of people experiencing stress.

 People with cold and hot sensitivity.

 What are the harms of night plaque?

 Night plaque is used for teeth grinding problems. If the night plate is used properly and without paying attention to hygiene, it will cause undesirable results and there are factors to be considered when using the night plate.

 When hygiene rules are not observed, bacteria can grow in it and cause disease.

 If it is not made in accordance with the patient’s mouth and tooth shape, it may cause pain.

 If moulded with substances that pose a threat to human health, serious diseases may occur.

 Night dental plaque is produced individually. It is definitely not suitable for joint use with someone else. As a result of joint use with someone else, the shape of the mould deteriorates and bacteria begin to grow.

 Night plaques should be used as a result of the dentist’s recommendation. Otherwise, it leaves irreversible damage to your oral and dental health.

 Night dental plaque should be prepared by people who are experts in oral and dental health. In Istanbul Dental Center, the damage that may occur is minimised as the correct moulds and appropriate materials will be used by experts in the field.

How to Clean the Night Plaque?

 Care should be taken to clean the night plaque during the period of use. If you do not follow the cleaning rules using the steps told by your specialist doctor, undesirable results will occur. Therefore, follow the hygiene rules in the best way. These are the things to be considered when cleaning the night plate;

 The night plaque should be cleaned after each use. After cleaning, it should be thoroughly dried and placed in its box.

 When cleaning the night plaque, you should clean it with gentle movements with the help of cold water, toothpaste and a soft-tipped toothbrush. You should never brush hard enough to damage the night plaque and you should not bend and twist the dental plaque.



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