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What is Implant Treatment, How Is It Applied and What Are Its Types?

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Having missing teeth problem can cause serious problems not only in terms of aesthetics, but also in terms of health. Missing teeth are successfully done with implant treatment, which is frequently used among dentistry operations. However, different dental implants can be applied for different dental problems. So, it is a versatile treatment. Effective and long-lasting results are achieved with implant treatment, that is preferred as an alternative to bridge and traditional prosthesis treatments.

What is Implant?

The process of placing titanium-made screws into the jawbone, which is used in the treatment of missing teeth is called implant. Implants are seen as a kind of tooth root. The treatment is completed with the placement of prosthetic teeth immobilized on titanium screws.

However, the other teeth are not damaged during implant treatment. After implant treatment, patients can move at least as comfortably as their natural teeth. At the age of 18 and above, this treatment can be performed to every individual who has completed jaw and facial development.

How is implant treatment performed? 

Patients are inspected by a specialist physician on behalf of implant treatment. Implant treatment is planned for patients who are deemed appropriate with the results of the inspection and x-ray. First, the jaw bones and other teeth are measured.

Depending on the type of implants, either temporary caps are applied or covered with gum. In both cases, a temporary bridge is placed on the teeth and the healing process begins between 3 and 6 months. According to the specialist’s approval, prosthetic teeth can be placed on the implants.

Advantages of Dental Implants

Implants contrubutes to the circulation in the jawbone area and therefore strengthen the tissue. By doing that, the bone in the area is less likely to wear down. When missing teeth and teeth are not treated, the other teeth around them are displaced to close the gap. The displacement of teeth may cause aesthetic problems in the long term. Implant treatment is a very long-lasting treatment type. Implants fuse with the jawbone and provide the advantage of a lifetime use.

What are the Types of Dental Implants?  

In implant treatment, 4 different treatment methods can be performed in line with the current patient’s condition and their own demands. These methods are as follows;  

1- All On Four Implant Treatment

It is the technique of making a fixed tooth prosthesis with a single surgical procedure for completely edentulous patients. It does not involve an advanced surgical procedure. It is specially planned according to the patient. It is applicable for people who cannot wear removable dentures and have a nausea reflex.

2- Single Unit Dental Implant 

Single-unit dental implant is the preferred form of implant treatment in the presence of only one missing tooth. In this treatment, the structure and symmetry of the teeth neighboring the missing tooth are examined and an appearance compatible with the general structure of the mouth is revealed.

3- Multiple Tooth Replacement

It is a form of treatment used in the treatment of patients with multiple tooth loss. A bridge prosthesis is placed between the implants. Multiple tooth replacement is provided.

4- Emergency Implants

Implants that are performed quickly as a result of inflammation, impact or infection of the teeth due to certain reasons are called emergency implants. Thanks to these implants applied quickly, possible deterioration in the jawbone and gum structure is prevented.



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