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What Is Dental Calculus And How Is It Treated?

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Oral and dental health is a very important issue in terms of complete body health in general. In this context, the battery produced by unhealthy teeth and gums can cause problems to other organs and metabolism of the body. Inflammation in the body can cause bacteria in the gums or cavities in the teeth.

 What is Dental Calculus?

 Dental calculus is formed on the smooth outer surface of the teeth due to improper cleaning of dental plaque and hardening of food residues over time. In order to prevent the formation of bacteria on the tooth surface, it is recommended to clean the teeth correctly at least 2 times a day and to have an annual dentist check-up. 

 Why Does Dental Calculus Form?

 Dental plaque hardens over time due to the fact that many nutrients such as food, acidic and sugary foods, which are considered as external factors, remain between the teeth and tartar is formed.

 Dental calculus, which begins to form bacteria over time due to insufficient attention to daily oral and dental hygiene, begins to disrupt the structure of the tooth. In this sense, situations such as tooth decay, gingival recession and deterioration of the form of other oral structure may occur due to inflammation of the teeth and gums.

 How Tooth Stone Cleaning Is Performed?

 Dental cleaning is personally provided by regular tooth brushing every day, the use of mouthwash and dental floss given under the control of a specialist physician. However, if dental calculus has formed, in this case, it must be intervened and cleaned by specialist dentists.

 After tartar cleaning, there are gaps between the teeth. This situation closes spontaneously within a few days.

 Our dentists, who are experts in free detection of tooth and gum problems and road map, help to eliminate the problems with the utmost care.

 How Should Care Be After Tartar Cleaning?

 Dental calculus is a condition that should be cleaned by specialised dentists. After cleaning the tartar, teeth should be cleaned periodically with the toothbrush and toothpaste recommended by dentists and antiseptics should be used for a certain period of time in line with the dentist’s recommendation. 

 It is very important to provide dental calculus and oral dental health checks at an average period of 6 months to 1 year. After scaling, dental floss should be used according to the tooth structure. Dental floss performs the cleaning of the thin remaining parts where the toothbrush cannot reach and prevents the accumulation of food waste here.

 As Istanbul Dental Centre, our web address for the preliminary evaluation of oral and dental controls 

 You can contact our expert team by visiting web address and make an appointment and perform their controls.

You will be given the price offer after the free dental checks are carried out by our specialist dentists about the dental stone cleaning fee. Oral and dental health is a very important issue. In this sense, you can contact us for more detailed information and appointments.



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