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What is an Implant and How is an Implant Applied?

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Dental implant is one of the preferred treatment methods in tooth loss. Dental treatment applications have kept pace with technological developments and have been reshaped with the passing years. Experts who want to find an alternative to human teeth have further developed dental implant applications.

Implant is a prosthetic tooth application placed on screws mounted on the jawbone. Dentists try many different methods such as filling canals etc. in order to save the teeth in the mouth. If these methods are not sufficient and there is no solution, tooth loss may develop. 

Prosthetic teeth are placed as an alternative to the lost tooth. One of the reasons why dental implants are so preferred is that no procedure is required for other teeth. Only the missing tooth is replaced and implant application is still one of the highest quality dental treatment methods. 

If the dental implant is not neglected and used correctly, it can have a long life. This period can even be up to 30 years for most patients. Dental implant application may also be in question when most patients do not want to have a bridge. Implant application is a healthy alternative for dentures that do not fit well.

How is a dental implant applied?

Patients with tooth loss request an examination from their dentists. Before the implant treatment is decided, X-rays are taken to see the condition of the existing teeth. The procedure is usually performed under local anaesthesia. A small incision is made in the relieved patient’s tooth.

The bone where the implant will be placed is carved with special tools and the implant screw is placed here. The implant screw is covered with gum and a certain period of time is waited for the product to fuse with the bone. Although this period varies from procedure to procedure, it takes maximum 6 months. 

After the implant screw is fused with the tooth root, the next stage is started. At this stage, the material used as an abutment is attached to the dental implant and the implant is closed again. After 2 or 3 weeks of healing, the implant crown is attached. 

At this stage, it is important that the implant is strengthened. After this process, the artificial tooth is placed and the process is completed. The implant can be considered a simple surgery, a surgical intervention. During the application, the mouth is stitched and the whole process is evaluated together. When answering the question of how the dental implant is applied, help should be obtained from specialist dentists.

Titanium, ceramic and zircotitan materials are mostly used in implant applications. When selecting implant materials, biocompatibility, durability and aesthetic concerns are taken into consideration. It is possible to decide on the material to be used together with the dentist.

Things to Consider After Dental Implant

It is necessary to be sensitive in every application to the tooth. It is important to follow the doctor’s recommendations in order to get efficiency from the procedure. Which applications should be done after dental implant? Since implant application is a surgical procedure, it also requires care afterwards.

Ice application is recommended for swelling and tenderness in the area after the implant. With cold application, sensitivity is reduced and the patient feels comfortable. It is necessary not to rinse the mouth for a while, which is a precaution to prevent infection of the area. Alcohol, cigarettes, etc. products are also among the substances that should be avoided by those who have implant application. During the 48-hour period, if patients show the necessary care, they can be very comfortable after the application. At the same time, intense physical activity is not recommended after the operation. Sports, shower, etc. needs can be postponed for a while. In order for the application to proceed in a healthy way, the things to be considered after dental implant should be learnt. It is necessary to be in constant contact with the dentist who performed the procedure and to learn these recommendations from him. Implant application for healthy and complete smiles is still one of the most popular treatment methods.



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