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What Causes Bleeding Gums?

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Having healthy teeth is everyone’s goal. Problematic teeth also have a negative effect on general health. Therefore, sometimes ordinary oral and dental care is not enough. Common bleeding gums occur due to different reasons. The cause of bleeding gums should be found and treated without wasting time. Otherwise, the situation may lead to tooth loss. 

 Causes of Bleeding Gums

 Gum diseases, the first cause of bleeding gums is gingivitis. The gum becomes red and sensitive. Plaques begin to form in the gums over time. These plaques need to be cleaned. Uncleaned plaques will start to produce bacteria.

 Since sensitivity and redness begin to occur in the gums, it will be extremely useful to go to the dentist without wasting time. Another reason for bleeding gums may be the side effect of some medications. In particular, bleeding in the gums may occur during the use of blood thinners. 

 Dental care is extremely important. Changing the care products used for teeth can also cause bleeding. Especially for bleeding gums caused by this situation, it is necessary to use the products carefully. Sensitive dental care products can be preferred. In addition, it is important to consult a specialist. Bleeding of the gums is also possible during pregnancy. 

 As a result of some situations brought by modern life, many people are under stress. Unfortunately, the stress factor can also cause bleeding gums. The food eaten should be chewed correctly. Because gum bleeding may occur as a result of improper pressure on the teeth. 

 Gum Bleeding Diagnosis 

 Most of the time, bleeding gums are not considered a cause. This condition is more of a consequence. For this, regular dental care and control should be done. Bleeding gums is a preventable condition. Regular oral care should be done and check-ups should be done at least every 6 months.

 During the examination, the doctor will give information about the risks that may occur and how to take precautions. Necessary actions are taken as a result of the examination performed by the physician. 

 Symptoms of Gum Bleeding

 Gum bleeding depends on various factors. It creates a treatment plan accordingly. Symptoms of bleeding gums are different. Common symptoms are:

 – Pain and bleeding during brushing

 – Red, swollen and sensitive gums 

 – Teeth diverging from each other in tooth alignment

 – Bad breath

 – An irregular relationship between the lower jaw and the upper jaw

This gum disease can last for a long time. Symptoms may continue with the same intensity until the next stage. However, early diagnosis and intervention will provide a serious advantage. If gingival bleeding is advanced, medication may be used. Otherwise, many precautions can be taken, such as paying attention to oral hygiene, gargling and cleaning dental calculus. Neglecting dental health can lead to deterioration of general health.



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