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Tooth Calculus Formation and Tooth Calculus Removal

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To support oral and tooth health, regular oral hygiene and visiting the dentist regularly is highly important in supporting oral and tooth health. Otherwise, one may face with problems that could harm overall health. Tooth calculus is a common problem that occurs due to the plaque buildup of food particles when regular oral hygiene is neglected.

If neglected, tooth calculus can also lead to gingiave disease. Istanbul Dental Center, with its expert doctor staff specialized in the field, provides tooth calculus cleaning, expands your comfort zone and supports the preservation of your dental health.

What are the Symptoms of Calculus?

Calculus shows up when brushing is not done correctly or not continued regularly. These stones, that are usually not noticed in the initial stage, become visible in advanced stages. The main symptoms of the discomfort are as follows:

Yellow – bronze colored and hard deposits just above the gum line

Gingival swelling, inflammation in places

Bleeding on contact or during tooth brushing

Serious gingivae diseases in the following periods

Since calculus formation also causes gingivae diseases, it is an issue that should not be neglected. In the presence of calculus, a specialist should be consulted and scaling should be performed every 6 months.

How to remove calculus?

Scaling is usually applied in 25 – 30 minute sessions. Depending on the depth and amount of tartar formed due to calculus, this period may be longer or additional sessions may be needed. In addition to the removal of plaque, general oral care is also done during scaling. During cleaning, the dentist first scrapes the tartar with a special device.

Then, the teeth are polished and a smooth appearance is achieved. Tartar cleaning is performed with an ultrasonic device called cavitron. During the scaling, which is called “detertraj”, local anesthesia can be applied depending on the general condition of the patient.

Things to Pay Attention After Scaling

Scaling is a relatively easy and painless operation. However, patients may experience some sensitivity after scaling. In order to prevent the progression of this sensitivity, nothing should be eaten for 2 hours after the application and consumption of extremely hot and cold products should be avoided in the following period.

In order for the gingivae to heal faster, medications recommended by the physician or mouthwash with salt water should be used. Mild to moderate pain may occur locally after the procedure. In such cases, painkillers can be used by consulting a physician.

What Can Be Done To Prevent Calculus Formation?

Performing the oral care in a proper and correct way is the most important rule that can prevent calculus formation. What is needed when brushing, not only the front of the teeth should be treated, but also the back of the teeth. If necessary, dental floss should be used to remove food residues in areas where the toothbrush cannot reach.



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