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Teeth Whitening Methods

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Teeth whitening is an application preferred by everyone with aesthetic concerns in certain periods. The general opinion among people is that healthy dreams should be white. In this case, dental care is taken care of and teeth are brushed at least twice a day. 

We can see that teeth turn yellow and lose their color texture in two ways. The first one is external changes. Intense drinking of tea, coffee and similar beverages during the day turns the tooth enamel yellow. This kind of yellowing is often controlled by brushing methods at home. 

There are also discolorations caused by the internal structure of the tooth. Such discolorations can be caused by health problems, medication and various traumas. To cope with these, teeth whitening methods with a technical aspect are needed.

Most patients should first consult their dentist if they think they need teeth whitening. Most patients knock on the dentist’s door for stains they cannot cope with. In this case, the most accurate teeth whitening methods are determined together. 

The effect of teeth whitening may fade over time. This period also depends on the patient’s dental use. Those who consume too much caffeine, cigarettes and alcohol may need to repeat the professional whitening work with certain session intervals. 

How Is Teeth Whitening Applied?

Teeth whitening methods can be categorized under four headings. The first of these is home-type teeth whitening. The patient’s mouth size is taken and appropriate transparent plaques are prepared. Products with certain chemical properties are applied into the plaque. The plaque with hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide is kept on the teeth for a certain period of time in the home environment. Teeth can be whitened with repeated plaque application for a period of 8-10 days.

Another method is laser whitening. So, how is this teeth whitening procedure applied? The dentist applies some whitening material to the patient’s teeth. During the session, UV rays are applied on this material to activate the material. With more than 1 hour sessions, teeth are whitened.   

Another method is the combined teeth whitening method, which performs the whitening session both in the clinical environment and at home. The dentist starts the whitening process in the clinic and ensures that it continues at home for 2-3 days. 

Discoloration of teeth is also seen after root canal treatments. In this case, dentists apply the single tooth whitening method. The filling in the tooth is removed and whitening gel is placed in the cavity. The tooth is covered with a temporary filling for a short time and the procedure is repeated for several sessions. 

Things to Consider After Teeth Whitening

Patients should be a little more careful after each application to the teeth. Teeth whitening applications are also like this. If the things to be considered after the teeth whitening process and the recommendations of the physician are taken into consideration, the process will be longer lasting. 

Excessive cold and hot use should be avoided to prevent pain and sensitivity after teeth whitening. While these sensitivities disappear in a short time, they may not be observed at all in some patients. During this period, painkillers, etc. recommended by the physician. medications can be taken. 

In order to get high efficiency from the whitening process, it may be necessary to restrict the use of caffeine, alcohol and smoking. These products, which are harmful to health, also break the effect of whitening and may cause reversals in the process. For this reason, controlled use of these products is recommended.

Teeth should be brushed twice a day with a quality toothpaste that does not contain abrasives. Water consumption should be increased and oral care appointments with the dentist should be made periodically. In this way, the effect of the whitening process for snow-white smiles is under control. 



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