türker sandalli

Prof. Dr.

Türker Sandallı

Aesthetic Dentistry, Orthodontics and Smile Design

Academic History

He received his dental education at the Faculty of Dentistry of Istanbul University and obtained his D.D.S. degree in 1968.

Between the years 1968-1974 in London University he received F.D.S.R.C.S. diploma in basic medical sciences. “M.Sc.” and “Dip. Orth” diplomas in Orthodontics.

He received “Specialist in Orthodontics” degree from Istanbul University in 1975.

He received “Ph.D.” degree from Marmara University Istanbul and got his “Dr. med. dent.” diploma in 1976.

He received “Associated Professor” degree in Orthodontics from Faculty of Dentistry of Istanbul University in 1981.

He received “Professor” degree from faculty of Dentistry of Marmara University, Istanbul in 1986.


In 1968 he won two scholarships one from Ministry of Education of Turkey the other from British Council so accepted by London University to continue his higher education in dentistry.

He was awarded a “Mark of Distinction” certificate by London University for his achievements of his studies in Dentistry.

in 1975 he was appointed to establish the Faculty of Dentistry of Marmara University and Istanbul by Ministry of Education of Turkey. He spent years to establish a modern Dental faculty in Turkey. He founded Orthodontic Department in the same faculty and was the head of the department for years. Dental Faculty of Marmara University is still one of the best dental faculties in Turkey.

He established the Foundation of Dental Faculty of Marmara University and this Foundation played a great role on modernization of the Dental Faculty.

He opened two Dental hospitals of his own; one in French Pasteur Hospital’s Province, the other in German Hospital’s Province. He was the director of both hospitals for years.

He was the first dentist in Turkey treating his patients under general anesthetics in his dental hospitals.

He established children’s oral health and orthodontic clinics and doing so he spread the importance of this subject throughout Turkey.

He was chosen as a consultant to the Minister of Education of Turkey between the years 1990-1994.

He was chosen as a health consultant to the mayor of Istanbul between the years 1984-1989. He established the health department within the municipality and organized doctors and dentists from medical and dental schools to work willingly in this health department. He arranged mobile clinics to check and treat eye, ear, nose, throat and teeth problems of the poor people living in Istanbul’s far provinces. This program lasted five years and thousands of poor people and especially children were checked and treated by this way. He was awarded many times by the Lions and Rotary Clubs of Istanbul and Turkey. Professor Sandalli is still proud of this project and believes this was the best thing he has ever done in his life.

He established “The Education Foundation” of Kadikoy High School where he graduated in 1989. He was the president of this foundation for years. The school is still one of the best high schools in Turkey.

He established the “Turkish Education Foundation” with other eight presidents of the high school foundations in Turkey and since then this foundation has given scholarships and shelters to thousands of poor but successful students all over Turkey.

He established the Faculty of Dentistry and the Dental Hospital of the Yeditepe University in 1996 and was the Dean of the Faculty for 19 years. He was a member of Senate and also a member of administration of the same University for 19 years. The Faculty of Dentistry of Yeditepe University became the best Dental Faculty in Turkey during those years and succeeded many achievements which were the first time in Turkish Dental Education.

Dental Robot Clinics

Integration in dental clinical education

Integration of dental education with Association of Dental Education Europe “ADEE”

ISO 9001 and ISO 9002 certifications from Britain, to dental education and clinical services.

Joint Commission International “JCI” certificate to the dental hospital.

The first “Master Degree” dental education in Turkey.

He established the Faculty of Dentistry and the Dental Hospital of Kemerburgaz University in Istanbul in 2015 and was the Dean of the Faculty and also the Vice President of the University.

He established the Health Campus of Kemerburgaz University and was the director of the campus responsible from Basic Medical Sciences, Dental, Medical and Pharmacy Faculties.

He was the vice president of Istanbul Education and Cultural Foundation for 22 years.

He was a member of Turkish Higher Education Committee for 18 years.

He was a member of Turkish Medical Health Committee for 18 years.

Prof. Dr. Turker Sandalli has recently retired from his academic studies and now he is practicing dentistry in his own clinic called Istanbul Dental Center. He is married to his colleague Prof. Nuket Sandalli who is a pedodontist, has two children, a daughter and a son and has five grandchildren, four boys and a girl.