ahmet bugra

MSc Dt.
Ahmet Buğra Karadaş


Akademik Özgeçmiş

DDS, MSc Ahmet Bugra Karadas was born in Kayseri, where he completed his middle and high school education. He started the faculty of dentistry at Yakin Dogu University in Cyprus and graduated from Istanbul Medipol University cum laude. 

After graduating from the faculty of dentistry, Ahmet Bugra started his postgraduate Master‘s degree at Unicamillus University in Italy, focusing on oral surgery and implantology. He is still continuing his postgraduate studies at Unicamillus University today. 

His range of treatments vary from minor oral surgery, implant surgery, fixed and removable implant supported prostheses, smile design, masseter botox and also general dentistry. He is currently active as a surgical and general dentist at Istanbul Dental Center.

Associations he is a member of

  • TDB (Turkish Dental Association) 
  • Osseder (Osseointegration Association) 
  • EAO (European Association for Osseointegration)

Attended courses, symposiums and congresses

-TDB 12. National Student Congress

-Uniglobal Student Symposium

-Use of Rubber Dam (Global Dental Association)

-Radio Anatomy, Anatomical Variations and Pathological Formations (Global Dental Association)

-Inlay-Onlay Restorations (Global Dental Association)

-Turkish-Japanese Dental Workshop

-Uniglobal Student Symposium 2. (Global Dental Association)

-Endodonti (Global Dental Association)