Kissing your kids on the lips? Think again! - İstanbul Dental Center
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Kissing your kids on the lips? Think again!

Kissing your kids on the lips? Think again!

Most parents show their love to their child in the most affectionate way possible, and sometimes, this means occasionally kissing your baby on the lips.

Well, a 2008 study published in pediatric dentistry shows strong evidence, that just like many other contagious diseases, bacteria which causes cavities, also turn out to be contagious. You heard right, kissing your baby could be transmitting more than your affection.

This study showed that mothers could be the primary reason for MS (mutans streptococci bacterium) colonization of their children. This bacterium causes cavities.

Even if the mother or father does not have an active cavity decay, they could still transfer the bacteria to their child through kissing on the lips and cause cavities in their children.

Babies’ teeth have soft enamel, which are more susceptible to decay. So parents should take extra caution when tasting their babies’ food with the same spoon, or putting their babies’ pacifier in their mouth when their hands are full preparing a meal.

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