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Foods and Drinks to Help Maintain Dental Health

In order to protect dental health, attention should be paid to the food and drinks consumed. It is recommended to stay away from foods that negatively affect oral health and cause tooth decay. Consuming foods high in vitamins that nourish tooth enamel is also important for oral health.

Milk and dairy products are among the healthiest foods for teeth. Moreover, it helps strengthen the jawbone and hold the tooth roots firmly. Thanks to the phosphorus and calcium it contains, teeth adhere more tightly to the gums.

Consumption of vegetables and fruits is also among the most important food groups for dental health. These foods, which protect tooth enamel, have high vitamin content. Fruits and vegetables help increase healthy cells in the mouth. In this way, it is possible to prevent tooth decay.

Fruits such as citrus fruits, strawberries, kiwi, pears and apples that aim to protect dental health should be consumed at regular intervals. Consumption of vegetables containing vitamin A fights against tooth decay. It helps prevent tartar formation in the mouth by protecting tooth enamel.

Paying Attention to Food Consumption for the Sake of Dental Health

The most basic point of protecting dental health is to pay attention to the foods consumed and their contents. Consumption of green tea, which is among the beverage group, both accelerates the metabolism and helps renew the cells in the mouth. Moreover, green tea, which is rich in minerals, relieves teeth grinding problems.

Green tea, which loosens and strengthens the jawbone, strengthens tooth roots with the vitamin C it contains. As a type of drink rich in potassium, vitamin E and vitamin C, it should be consumed regularly for dental health.

What to Consume for Healthier Teeth Appearance?

In order to create a healthier tooth structure, it is recommended to consume foods that are sources of vitamins, calcium and potassium. Moreover, foods containing vitamins C and E are one of the basic points of staying healthy.

Celery, which strengthens tooth enamel, is also a type of food rich in fiber. It is one of the foods that does not cause damage to teeth with different cooking techniques. The chewing action of celery also helps the jawbone become flexible and strong. Celery, leek and fish, which help accelerate blood circulation in the mouth, should be consumed at regular intervals.

What are the Benefits of Foods High in Vitamin C for Teeth?

The food with the highest vitamin C content is parsley. Consumption of parsley strengthens the structure of teeth and protects them against decay. Plaque formation on the teeth is prevented. At the same time, bad breath is eliminated. Bacteria formation between teeth is prevented. For people who have bleeding gum problems, these problems disappear completely in a short time.

What are the foods that prevent tooth decay?

Nuts are among the foods that prevent tooth decay. Different types of nuts are products that are both healthy and strengthen the tooth structure. It is recommended to consume it every day in order to eliminate bacteria and prevent its spread.



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