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Braces (Orthodontics) Treatment of Crooked Teeth

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Orthodontic treatment methods are used in the treatment of the teeth curvatures. The person working in this field is called an orthodontist. The word ortho is Latin and means ‘correction’. This branch of science treats curvature, deformity and developmental disorders of the teeth with ‘braces (orthodontics)‘ treatment and different methods. The purpose is to give the teeth a more aesthetic appearance.

 Orthodontic Treatment

This treatment method, which is applied for those whose dental appearance is not aesthetic, keeps continue to improve itself day by day. Thanks to the new techniques and the new treatment methods, treatment is done in a short time. Recent orthodontist developments in this field have increased the quality of the service.

 Developmental disorders in the jaw or palate are also treated within the scope of orthodontics. In addition to braces (orthodontics), current treatment methods related to palate and jaw development are also preferred in this category. Orthodontics performs treatment at the stage of jaw, palate and tooth development.

 Orthodontics and Its Importance

 Orthodontic solutions are offered for many people who cannot laugh in daily life, have breathing difficulties or have problems eating. In addition to excess teeth, teeth that protrude side by side or on top of each other cause problems with eating, breathing and laughing. The deformity of the teeth, which causes social problems especially during adolescence, is treated in the category of orthodontic braces (orthodontics). With orthodontic treatment;

 1- You can have a natural smile.

 2- Facial shape can be restored to its natural state with chin and palate treatment.

 3- Crooked, overlapping or juxtaposed teeth become straighter.

 4- It is possible to preserve teeth that have started to be lost for several reasons.

 5- It is possible to eliminate breathing problems, thumb sucking, palate stenosis, chewing and speech category problems.

 6- Caries and tooth loss can be prevented.

 7- The deformity caused by the spacing of the teeth can be eliminated.

 Ensuring the aesthetic appearance of the teeth and ensuring the balance of the jaw and palate is possible with orthodontic treatment.

 Why Do Teeth Become Disfigured?

 There are certain reasons for the deterioration of the aesthetic structure of the teeth. These reasons can be itemized as follows:

 1- Finger sucking in children for a long time causes the teeth, which are in the developmental stage, to grow crooked. Fingers put pressure on the teeth and cause the teeth to grow crooked.

 2- Biting pencils and similar objects, biting nails and constantly clenching teeth in a nervous state are among the causes of tooth deformity. Biting harmful substances for teeth seriously affects the development of teeth.

 3- Premature loss of milk teeth, tooth loss or problems in the gums cause deformity. In such cases, the doctor’s control should not be neglected and the necessary treatment should be carried out.

 4- In addition to genetic problems, wisdom teeth compressing other teeth also impairs aesthetics.

 5- Nutritional problems, mouth breathing and hormonal disorders also negatively affect the visual appearance of the teeth.

 6- Prolonged use of a silicone pacifier and constant lying in one direction are also among the causes of deformity.



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