About Us - Istanbul Dental Center
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The Istanbul Dental Center is managed and supervised by our expert staff of dentists, whose professional achievements and expertise is renowned even outside the borders of the country. The Istanbul Dental Center is the result of many years of hard work, dedication and a conglomeration of experience in the field of dentistry.


The main philosophy of our entire staff is to first be extremely consious of the most modern and state-of-the-art means to acheive good health and patient satisfaction. Our professional team is the leader in its sector in Turkey, while bringing home international accreditations in the oral health and dental surgery field to acheive the standards necessary to be the most qualified dental health practitioners in the World. We are true pioneers and our entire staff is made of the top-most, world-class dental professionals in Turkey, who have all been administering oral and dental health services over many years.


When providing the services described above, the Istanbul Dental Center offers all the most recent, state-of-the-art treatment options available to our patients and aims to give our patients the highest feelings of satisfaction when departing our clinic, while keeping international patient rights and customer (patient) satisfaction requirements in mind at all times.


Our team professionally monitors their patients after the surgery and/or the treatment has been completed and miticulously follows up on the care that the patients must have after departing from our clinic in order to ensure that the preventive medical practices are followed in the patient’s post-treatment life.


By making our patients feel welcome at our clinic from the first day and by whole-heartedly accepting them into our warm family environment, we treat our patients with the care that they deserve. We carefully review and work together to change the causes of the oral health problems experienced by our patients. We work hard and diligently to create a patient profile that looks at their present as well as their future oral health life with a big smile.


To ascertain the current and also any future oral and dental health problems of our patients that may occur and therefore prevent them from recurring; deliver to our patients the necessary dental and oral care sought; to provide long-lasting solutions, while utilizing the correct, most economical and top-level methods available in the world dental health sector.


To integrate Istanbul Dental Center with the international, World of Dentistry.


Our expert staff consists of highly knowledgable dentists who have completed the highest levels of education and research as well as highly trained professionals and assistants who have been instructors and managers at the highest levels in their own particular fields of the dental health sector. Our physicians are world renowned, very experienced, internationally accepted experts and are all the most well-selected, top-notch professionals in their fields.


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