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Healthy and aesthetic smile

Implant treatment, orthodontic treatments

We redesign your smile for you by using the highest
quality materials and the most advanced technologies.

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What sets us apart?

Professors and specialist dentists with decades of experience, work together to create the most suitable treatment plan for you.

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Dental Treatment in Turkiye

We invite you to Istanbul,
for a reliable, comfortable and high quality dentistry with
70% cheaper prices compared to Europe and USA.

International Experience

Thousands of patients from
5 continents, more than
20 countries, and tens of
thousands of cases in total.

Accredited Clinic

Our clinic is approved
by the Turkish Ministry of Health for
the Health Tourism.

Accredited Clinic

We are the only policlinic in Turkey
with an NQA UKAS ISO 9001:2015
certification from the UK.

Technology and Material Quality

With our technology and experience,
we provide satisfaction-guaranteed dental treatments in a very short time.


What makes us different?

Our difference is our perspective on dentistry; We change the lives of every person we touch and help them start a new, happier, and a more comfortable life.
This is our greatest accomplishment for us.

Meet Our Doctors

Meet our professional team of dentists, whose success in the field of dentistry
has exceeded the borders of the country.
All experts in their own fields, 5 professors and specialists work together
to create the best treatment plan for you.

Patient Comments

Our aim; is to give you a confident and beautiful smile when leaving our clinic.

Mona Jacob


Good service. Great dentist. We were helped right away. I would highly recommend it to everyone who is in Istanbul and in need of a great dentist. You will feel right at home, worry free.

Johny Preston


Painless and in a short time I had my teeth implanted. They use absolutely the highest quality materials in the world. When the experience is addedto this quality, there is no issue to discuss. Thank you for everything.

Luciano Giol


Very good place and professional doctors! Let me send a special thanks to Prof. Peker Sandalli who did a great work.

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Our Treatments and

With our academic and professional experience, we implement the most appropriate treatment plan for you. We do not only use technology, but because we have been teaching our students for years how to use them, we are able to do this job so impeccably.

In order for us to assess your case and create your customized treatment plan all you have to do is send us photos of your smile taken from different angles and a recent (max 6 months) panoramic x-ray.
Professor Dr. Türker Sandallı, Professor Dr. Peker Sandallı, Professor Dr. Nüket Sandallı, Professor Dr. Arzu Arı Demirkaya, Professor Dr. Arzu Aykor and our specialist dentists send you the result of their assessment free of charge and. Not only one dentist, but five professors together are creating your treatment plan.

Treatment Methods

We create the most suitable treatment method with materials of highest quality standards.
By utilizing advanced technologies, we provide you with healthy, aesthetic and functional teeth and a perfect smile.


Health services are at the highest standards
in Turkey and also are almost half the cost compared to
Europe and America.

Turkey plays an important role in global
health tourism and this provides many advantages and
conveniences for patients traveling from abroad.

Cost advantages in dental treatments
can reach upto 70% compared to Europe and USA.

Contact us now to plan your treatments,
hotel reservations and airport transfers details.

We are the smile architects who work to ensure you
to live your life more comfortable and happy with
a perfect and healthy smile.

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Let’s Plan Your Trip Together

We manage the whole travel process from beginning to end
for your treatments in Turkey.

To evaluate your case and to prepare your treatment plan, 5 professors of our clinic examine
your x-ray in detail and share their evaluations with you. Next, we create your treatment plan together and
determine the maximum amount of stay needed and choose the most suitable dates for you to be shared by us.

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